Why Microsoft is Smart for Delaying Windows Phone 7

10 Oct

For so long we have grown used to Microsoft being at the top and forefront, or at least close enough, of new technology and software launches. So what’s the deal with them taking so long to enter the new smart phone era? Let’s call it a blessing.

After the launch of Vista, Microsoft has been viewed as struggling empire in the tech and software industry. They launched a product that was premature, buggy, and hardly an improvement over the previous software. Since that product flop, they seem to have revamped their product strategy and started focusing on creating more useful products that are geared to the end user. Windows 7 is a perfect example of this. It shows what Microsoft is really capable of when they put time and money into a product. While not all of their products have been perfect since then, they at least seem to be taking a step in the right direction.

What does this have to do with the Windows Phone 7? Their delay to enter the competition means that Microsoft isn’t planning on just releasing a product to keep their name in the minds of consumers, but that they are going to launch a product that is going to be a true competitor in the market. Although it seems that it will still be missing a few essential features such as copy and paste or multi-tasking, the interface and Exchange integration seem to be some really great key features that will make it a worthy contender. They created a strong standard for the hardware requirements (one of the big things holding back Android) that should help keep the platform at the high end of mobile devices. The user interface is something that will either be loved or hated by users, but it is definitely something unique. They didn’t just make the UI different for no reason however, but it seems they did so to improve the usefulness of the phones and the way people stay connected with their devices. Only time will tell weather this phone will be successful or not but it does seem to be very promising at the moment.

Is this a sign of Microsoft regaining its crown as champion in the market place? Probably not, but it is another sign of progress. We should all be happy that Microsoft is reentering the competitive marketplace with some strong products because it means more selection for consumers and faster innovation of products.


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