Collateral System Design

28 Mar

This was a 3 part project that I did for a class that I took. The idea was to make a cohesive design system that we would develop across three different print medias. Basically we had to make 3 different print design pieces that you could tell all belonged together. I chose to do my entire project based around an informational freelancing event for college students. I broke down the info into 3 main categories of Preparation, Marketing, and dealing with Clients, purely to meet the project requirements for class.

Pamphlets (Part 1 of 3)

This is the series of tri-fold pamphlets that I designed to be passed out at the event as well at the schools after the event has taken place.

Pamphlet 1 – Preparation



Pamphlet 2 – Marketing



Pamphlet 3 – Clients



Posters (Part 2 of 3)

I created 3 posters in order to help promote the event that all of this was conceptually based on. I would hang these on the walls and bulletin boards at specific local colleges in the area in hopes that these might make the students interested in going to the event or finding out more info online. Just like the pamphlets, the posters were limited to two colors so I continued with the same color scheme consisting of blue/green/red and black.

Poster 1 – Preparation

Poster 2 – Marketing

Poster 3 – Clients

Book (Part 3 of 3)

This is a small booklet that I designed to go along with the event. All of the info for the book is based on the Preparation section that I did for this entire series.
Freelance Book


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