Look Stupid To Get Ahead

17 May

This article will take a brief look at how appearing stupid on occasion is actually a good thing.

Man facepalming himself while a friend is acting like a fool in the background


So, how can being stupid help you get ahead at work? Simple, looking stupid is only a momentary state and not having a fear of being looked at as a stupid person for a few moments helps you to keep good, creative ideas flowing so that you don’t hold back any good ideas.

Most of us have a fear of being seen as stupid by our peers when doing certain things such as presenting new ideas or even just dancing in front of your friends. This fear can make people hold back a significant amount of their talents and ideas, even when these things may be considered great by the people around the person. People who can get past this fear of momentarily looking stupid in front of their peers are often able to bring a lot of great talent and ideas to the table. They are not afraid to that they might look stupid for five minutes if they present this idea, instead, they just present it.

Fear is one of the only human limitations. This emotion and state of mind have some of the most damaging control of the entire human species and is often responsible for the majority of our set backs and other bad parts about human nature in general. People who can get past their fears can get past anything.

An eeerie image of the letters F.E.A.R.

“Fear is the mind killer.”
– Dune

Next time you are at work and you have an idea, don’t be afraid to share it, no matter how stupid you may think you’ll look. Even if your idea is stupid, you might inspire someone else to have an idea that is great. At the very least, you will know that the idea is stupid and you can examine why it is in order to come up with more ideas that aren’t as stupid. Letting fear get in your way of sharing ideas, information, and talents is attributable to some of the most significant amounts of lost productivity and creativity in the work place.

Don’t be stupid, share your ideas even if they may make you look stupid every now and then.


One Response to “Look Stupid To Get Ahead”

  1. Drive Thru Guy April 20, 2012 at 5:45 PM #

    No one who asks me questions at work has any fear of me thinking they are stupid, lol. Nice post though!

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