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What Is Good Design?

16 Sep

Photo Credit: Clear Studios

Today, I was finally able to put into words what I think defines good design. After years of having an idea of what I thought might be considered good design, I have discovered that I was close but not quite right. Following that and years of creating my own designs for myself, for school, and for clients, I have further narrowed it down. Today, while working on a personal branding project for school, I had one of those aha! moments where it all seemed so clear to me. Continue reading


Look Stupid To Get Ahead

17 May Man facepalming himself while a friend is acting like a fool in the background

This article will take a brief look at how appearing stupid on occasion is actually a good thing. Continue reading

How To Land Your First Paid Design Gig

11 Nov

As a freelance designer and advertising student, I often get asked by other students how I find work. The truth is, I have lots of ways I find freelance work, but it’s been a journey getting to where I am today. I suppose the best way to tell any students (or anyone) seeking to find their first gig, is to introduce you to some ways to start out. Continue reading

Get Clients To Take You Seriously As A Professional Design Student

23 Oct

As a design student myself, I understand the frustrations students can have with getting clients to take us seriously. So often, they want you to do a project for free (which you should if you don’t have a solid portfolio) and then add more and more to the project to the point that it never seems to end. It’s not fair for them to expect so much for nothing. So how do you get these clients to treat you more like a professional, and pay you? Continue reading

Regain Your Creativity: Fighting The Creativity Block

18 Sep

There is nothing worse than working on a project and “losing” your creative powers. In reality, you didn’t lose them at all, but rather your state of mind is just simply not where it needs to be. This can be brought on by all sorts of different things like; a lack of sleep, wear out from work, unpleasant home situations, stress, other things happening in your life, or just a lack of motivation to do your job…. err, I mean project. If you feel continually unmotivated and you run into frequent creativity blocks, you should rethink your job and possibly your career. If you made it past that last sentence, here are some steps or actions (in no particular order) you can take to help restore your creative juices and get going again! Continue reading