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Collateral System Design

28 Mar

This was a 3 part project that I did for a class that I took. The idea was to make a cohesive design system that we would develop across three different print medias. Basically we had to make 3 different print design pieces that you could tell all belonged together. I chose to do my entire project based around an informational freelancing event for college students. I broke down the info into 3 main categories of Preparation, Marketing, and dealing with Clients, purely to meet the project requirements for class. Continue reading


Get Clients To Take You Seriously As A Professional Design Student

23 Oct

As a design student myself, I understand the frustrations students can have with getting clients to take us seriously. So often, they want you to do a project for free (which you should if you don’t have a solid portfolio) and then add more and more to the project to the point that it never seems to end. It’s not fair for them to expect so much for nothing. So how do you get these clients to treat you more like a professional, and pay you? Continue reading