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What Is Good Design?

16 Sep

Photo Credit: Clear Studios

Today, I was finally able to put into words what I think defines good design. After years of having an idea of what I thought might be considered good design, I have discovered that I was close but not quite right. Following that and years of creating my own designs for myself, for school, and for clients, I have further narrowed it down. Today, while working on a personal branding project for school, I had one of those aha! moments where it all seemed so clear to me. Continue reading


Embrace Your Inability To Be Original, Be A Thief

7 May Two guys ready to steal all of your good ideas
Children Breaking into a house via the side window

Be Original, Steal Everything

There is one thing that I learned very early on as a designer and as a person in general; nothing is original. We have never and will never create something that is truly original. All we are able to do is steal from one another and add our own experiences or modifications to whatever it may be. We are all thieves of each other. It’s not your fault, it’s just the nature of the way the world works. Everything in nature steals from each other, and as an artist, so should you. Continue reading