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Look Stupid To Get Ahead

17 May Man facepalming himself while a friend is acting like a fool in the background

This article will take a brief look at how appearing stupid on occasion is actually a good thing. Continue reading


Collateral System Design

28 Mar

This was a 3 part project that I did for a class that I took. The idea was to make a cohesive design system that we would develop across three different print medias. Basically we had to make 3 different print design pieces that you could tell all belonged together. I chose to do my entire project based around an informational freelancing event for college students. I broke down the info into 3 main categories of Preparation, Marketing, and dealing with Clients, purely to meet the project requirements for class. Continue reading

Best Sites To Host Your Design Portfolio For Free

14 Nov

So you want to get your name out there, and what better way as a broke college student than with a free site to host all of your work! Here are 13 of the best free portfolio hosting sites out on the web. Continue reading